we spent Christmas in Hong Kong!


"The view from my Deluxe Room of the Victoria Harbour and the Hong Kong Skyline took my breath away!"

When I was told that Lee's Travel were sending me on a FAM Trip to Hong Kong I was so excited! I didn't know what to expect, I had only been to one South-East Asian country, (Thailand) and now I was going to one of the most vibrant and bustling cities in the world! Read on to find out what I got up to on this 4-day jam-packed itinerary courtesy of British Airways and the Hong Kong Tourism Board. 




My trip started with a long but comfortable 12hr flight from London Heathrow Airport to Hong Kong International Airport on British Airways (BA) Club World (Business Class). I spent some time wandering around the lush Airport Lounge sipping on a Jameson's with orange juice before boarding the flight. This was my first long-haul flight with a group of strangers, and my first time in Business Class, so I was overly excited, a little nervous and easily impressed! 



After settling into my seat, I changed into the provided slippers, put on my headphones, took a swig of champagne and watched one of my favourite films - All Eyez on Me. I enjoyed the passenger safety video too - it made me chuckle! I've rated my BA Club World experience from 1-5 (5 = 'Very Satisfied', 1 = 'Very Dissatisfied')


Pre-departure: 4/5
Fast-track security was well organised and speedy. I enjoyed the Lounge and was glad for priority boarding.


The Seat: 4/5


Did I mention how happy I was to get an aisle seat? The plane was a 2-4-2 configuration. Thankfully, I didn't have to risk toppling over after awkwardly stepping over another passenger's bed as they slept! I was far from the toilet too, so that was a relief! I could've done with a wider seat (the seat is 20.5 inches), I had to sleep on my back rather than in the fetal position otherwise I'd be hanging out in the aisle! The length was fine for me as when fully extended, it stretches to six-feet long and I'm only five-feet-four. I didn't totally avoid any awkwardness - I kept accidentally pressing the button that lowers/raises the partition - the noise it made was horrendous and I'm sure the guy in the seat beside me was really annoyed.


Entertainment: 3/5
There was a handy USB port for charging my phone, I didn't have my laptop but there was a UK plug socket too. The remote control was in a very hard to reach space on the wall. Entertainment was provided through the pop-out touchscreen and the noise-cancelling headphones were decent. There was a good selection of films, I watched Spiderman, Planet of the Apes, All Eyes on Me and Going in Style.


Food & Drinks: 4/5
I was fed and watered well throughout this flight! Upon boarding I had a glass of champagne and a bottle of water, and within a couple of hours I was given my three-course meal with a glass of red wine and a glass of baileys with my dessert! The full-English breakfast was lovely - I was so full!



Amenity Kit: 3/5
The amenity kit came in a blue draw-string bag, by Elemis. The bag contained essential items for long haul travel: Eye mask, ear plugs, a comb, toothbrush, socks and toothpaste. Skincare products included face and body cream and lip balm. Also included was a nice pen. I liked the bag, as it was a good size and can be used to put shoes in. I was also given a comfortable pillow, an ugly beige 'blanket' (it was too thin for me) and noise-cancelling headphones (I couldn't keep these as the crew collects them before landing).


Other Inflight Experiences (crew, toilets): 4/5
The cabin crew were super friendly, efficient, approachable and seemed to genuinely care about me! The group and I were invited to meet the pilot in the cockpit once the plane landed. The toilets were very spacious and very clean!




We met our tour guide at Hong Kong International Airport and boarded our coach to the hotel. I enjoyed taking in the views of the city and couldn't wait to see the Kerry Hotel!




  • MUST DO - The Peak Tram Ride
  • FAVOURITE EXPERIENCE - Walking Tour 'Good Evening Kowloon'
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT HONG KONG - Autumn in Hong Kong is around November to December and is a pleasant season to travel to the country. The weather is not too hot or humid and not rainy.





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