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Australia is the world's largest island and smallest continent. It's land mass is similar to that of mainland United States (excluding Alaska), It has a huge red centre, with symbolic Ayers Rock, Uluhru, the largest monolith on Earth.

The Barrier Reef is the largest coral in the world, and the snowfields of The Great Dividing Range are greater than those of Alpine, Switzerland.
The vast interior is called the Outback. Australia's coastline is 36 735 km long and with its islands some 47 000 km. There are shimmering white coral sand beaches on islands and cays of the Barrier Reef. And there is golden sand stretching almost the whole way down the Eastern and Western coasts. Since most people live in large urban centres that leaves a lot of wild coastline and thousands of beaches - just for you.
But if you prefer something more sociable, try the Gold Coast of Queensland, glitzy highrise, full of human activity along some 40 kilometres of world-famous surf. Going South, New South Wales' has virtually 2000 km of coast and beach. Just Sydney's shoreline, folding into bays and harbour, is 350 km long with 34 ocean beaches. Victoria, further South still, has some of the world's most awesome surf. But then its cliffs are more so, savage and beautiful monuments to the rages of time and ocean. Western Australia's 12 500 km coastline is more or less one long beach. Perth has 15 beaches within the city limits to add to the unmistakable joie de vivre of its inhabitants.
Further North Broome's Cable Beach is magnificently wide and long, and then there is a beach famous for its visitors that come in from the sea... Monkey Mia.
With a population of only 18 million. It's young, adventurous, stylish and friendly. It has unique animals and a climate that is perfect for most of the year.
British sailing ships arrived a mere 200 years ago and the secret of this big, beautiful island in the South Pacific was out. Now another 120 nationalities call Australia home making it one of the most multicultural countries in the world. The rich cultural blend of fashions, languages and cuisines colour the streets.

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