Spotlight On Penang


We've partnered up with Malaysia Airlines and Penang Global Tourism to bring you special fares to one of the hottest destinations in Asia - Penang, Malaysia! Economy class starts from only £555 with travel available in October - November 2018. We also have a Business Class fare to Penang from only £2,095 with travel dates available now until 31 March 2019. This offer ends 16th July 2018 so call soon to avoid disappointment!


Check out our handy guide below to find out why we love this amazing destination!



The George Town UNESCO World Heritage Site features Malaysia’s best restored and readaptive traditional architecture as well as a multitude of heritage trades and arts.


In Penang, your only culinary worry would be not having enough time to feast on all the city has to offer. Not only are Asia’s major races all represented in Penang’s cuisine, they are fused together in the forms that are truly unique to Penang like Nyonya and Jawi Peranakan cooking.


Penang has something for all visitors. You could be a nocturnal party-goer, supper fanatic, art-lover or just prefer an evening of live classical music. One thing is for sure, going to bed early is a huge mistake!


Penang’s quirky murals and street art have made international headlines. Around every street corner is a work of art waiting to be discovered!


Shopping in Penang is a larger-than-life experience! Whether you are a fan of modern shopping malls, or traditional bazaars and street markets, Penang has something for everyone. George Town is a great place for antique hunters and vintage lovers. One can spend a whole day hunting for Nyonya porcelain, lacquerware and pottery along stores on Penang Road and Chulia Street.


Hike and get to know the “green side” of Penang. Bask in the tropical sun with fine sand between your toes. Experience a slowed down pace of rural life at Balik Pulau. Grab a pair of binoculars and admire the beauty of a bird in flight.


Penang might be well-known for its art, heritage and food but largely overlooked are its recreational forests and golf courses - One can breathe easy and be revitalised by a good round of golf or an invigorating hike at a recreational forest.


Penang is home to diverse places of worship, some of which are built very close to each other. The perfect example is Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling, also known as the Street of Harmony where the Kapitan Keling Mosque, Kuan Yin Temple, St. George's Church and Sri Mahamariamman Temple all sit within walking distance.


After a full day of exploration and adventuring, it is nice to just have a day off and spend it amongst the tranquil parks and gardens of Penang. Escape the heat of the city by heading uphill for cool temperatures or go for a walk with locals at their favoured park.




PENANG - Malaysia £555 £2,095
KUALA LUMPUR - Malaysia £420 £2,325
KOTA KINABALU - Malaysia £585 £2,625
BANGKOK - Thailand £469 £2,235
PHUKET - Thailand £563 £2,134
KOH SAMUI - Thailand £669 £2,629
BALI - Indonesia £575 £2,400
JAKARTA - Indonesia £535 £2,188
HANOI - Vietnam £515 £2,155
HO CHI MINH - Vietnam £508 £2,052
MANILA - Philippines £508 £2,105
PHNOM PENH - Cambodia £539 £2,215
SIEM REAP - Cambodia £545 £2,215
YANGON - Myanmar £515 £2,210
SINGAPORE £469 £2,212
ADELAIDE - Australia £659 £3,005
BRISBANE - Australia £673 £2,956
MELBOURNE - Australia £665 £2,961
PERTH - Australia £615 £2,964
SYDNEY - Australia £668 £2,991
AUCKLAND - New Zealand £693 £3,255



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