Terms of Trade

Please read the following conditions carefully.

All bookings are made and accepted subject to these conditions. No variations to these conditions shall be valid unless agreed by us in writing. Your contract is with Lee's Travel Limited (whose offices are at Wing Yip, China House, Unit 2B, 401 Edgware Road, London NW2 6GY). A fully bonded holder of an Air Travel Organisers License (ATOL), licensed by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA License NO 4210). It is agreed by both parties that this contract is deemed to have been made at our offices and is subject to English law and jurisdiction. All products, goods and travel arrangements remain property of Lee's Travel Limited until invoice confirmation is paid in full.

Bookings are Non Refundable, Non Transferable and 100% cancellation charges apply.

1) Booking Procedure

Once we have accepted your booking by confirmation to you either orally, electronically or in writing, a contract comes into existence between us incorporating these conditions. Please note that all bookings are non-refundable, non transferable, non changeable and 100% cancellation charges apply, unless otherwise stated.

To make your booking a minimum deposit of £150 per person is required (unless otherwise stated), and the correct, non refundable insurance premium (if required) or details of your own insurance policy. Bookings made up to 70 days prior to travel are excepted by the date shown on the confirmation invoice which is when the contract is formed and which will be sent to you. Late bookings made within 70 days of travel are accepted at the time your holiday arrangements are confirmed to you by telephone. Written confirmation will be sent to you as soon as possible. You must check the confirmation invoice carefully and raise any queries with us immediately upon receipt. If after acceptance of your booking by us you wish to amend or cancel the charges detailed in the section below will apply. We reserve the right to refuse any booking at our discretion. Accommodation, flights, transfers, tours, special/sporting events, entertainment/attraction tickets and all other ground handling arrangements are reserved only for the passengers named in the confirmation invoice.

All holidays and offers advertised are subject to availability.

If your booking is accepted within 70 days of departure full payment for your holiday is due at the time the booking is made with us.

If we do not receive deposit and/or the final payment by their due dates we reserve the right to cancel your booking and levy the cancellation charges.

Please note that you will not receive a reminder that the final payment is due and that cheques must be received in sufficient time to allow for clearance by the due date for payment. Please note if we do not receive the deposit and/or the final payment by their due dates we reserve the right to debit your charge/credit card automatically or we reserve the right to cancel your booking and cancellation charges may apply.

Where we act as a tour operator we reserve the right to increase the prices advertised prior to the time that you book your holiday. Any increase in price by the tour operator or ourselves, when we act as a tour operator, will be advised to you before you book the holiday. Once you have booked and received our confirmation invoice, surcharges may apply.

2) As your Agent

We will do our utmost to make sure that all your travel and other arrangements made on your behalf with airlines and other carriers or other person whose services you may require are made promptly & efficiently. Where we act as the tour operator we accept full responsibility for our own acts and the acts of our employees, (unless procedures were not followed in the correct manner by the customer) but when we act merely as an agent for another tour operator or principal (see your confirmation invoice) you will be bound by their booking conditions, a copy of which can be obtained on request and all problems or complaints will be passed on to them and in the event of a major dispute their decision is final.

3) What is included in a tailor made holiday?

The basic cost of your tailor made holiday includes:

Return scheduled or charter flights to your destination with in-flight catering appropriate to the airline's flight time and destination.

Most airport taxes and passenger charges (unless otherwise stated).

The accommodation which is provided is only for the use of passengers shown on the confirmation invoice as confirmed by us: Subletting, sharing or assignment is prohibited.

4) What is extra?

- Travel insurance (see section below)
- Car hire
- Transfers
- Tours/Special & Sporting events/Entertainment & attraction tickets
- Passport and visa charges if necessary
- Local air and hotel taxes (unless otherwise stated)
- Visa entry documents

Additional charges are sometimes levied by air carriers in respect of luggage in excess of your standard allowance, detailed on your ticket, and special catering requirements.

5) Special Requests

We do our best to pass on special requests (e.g. Special dietary requirements, adjoining rooms, etc.) to the appropriate persons/suppliers, provided the special requests are made known to us at the time of booking. However, we cannot guarantee that special requests will be met. No special requests can be met on late bookings. At the time of booking you must notify us of any pre-existing medical condition or disabilities of any of your party. Baby cots on transportation and accommodation are on request at the time of booking at an additional cost.

6) Travel Insurance

It is a requirement when booking your holiday that you accept our special travel insurance or alternatively at that time arrange a policy yourself providing at least comparable cover. (Insurance is non-refundable and is excluded from cancellation). In case of cancellation a claim can only be made on Services & Goods provided by Lee's Travel Limited. and the insurance premium is non-refundable. Lee's Travel Limited do not carry un-insured passengers, it is therefore the client's responsibility to have some form of valid travel insurance in place.

7) Alterations by you

If, after we have accepted your booking, you wish to change any details of your booking subject to Lee's Travel Limited. or the operator/suppliers able to-do so charges apply. Please note that these charges can vary subject to circumstances and you are advised to call prior to booking. Please note that it is your responsibility to check all your travel related documents upon receiving them. If you fail to do so and there is an error with e.g. confirmation invoice, airline ticket, accommodation vouchers, car hire vouchers, travel insurance, etc you will be partly held responsible and liable for any extra financial costs or/and penalties/fines incurred.

8) Cancellation by you

All bookings made on our website are Non Refundable, Non Transferable and 100% cancellation charges apply.

Should you wish to cancel your confirmation booking, the lead passenger must advise us in writing. Charges may apply. You are advised to call for charges prior to booking.

In the event of a no-show at the airport, all corresponding flights are cancelled and ticket is invalidated. You are required to use your air segments in the sequence they were booked.

9) If we change/cancel your booking

As you will appreciate, your holiday arrangements are sometimes planned many months in advance and on rare occasions it may be necessary to make modifications to them and we of the tour operator/supplier reserve the right to make such changes at any time.

In the majority of cases such changes will be minor but if they are of a more substantial nature we will do our best to advise you prior to departure. If we or the tour operator/supplier are forced to make major changes (including cancellations) before departure, we or the tour operator will pay you compensation as specified below.

Examples of major changes include the following:
1. Changes in departure or return time by more than 12 hours.
2. Changes in departure airport (except between Gatwick and Heathrow).
3. Change of hotel to lower official classification
4. Change of destination airport/resort
5. Reduction in holiday duration of more than 12 hours.
6. Cancellation.
7. Changes in routing and stop over airports.

We will do our best to inform you of any change whether major or minor as soon as possible. If it is a major change you have the following choice:
- Accept the new arrangements as notified to you.
- Receive a full refund and purchase another available holiday from us.
- Cancel and receive a full refund in full and final settlement.

10) Cancellation by us

We reserve the right to cancel your booking and make changes as detailed in the section above if payment is not received by the due date, taking into account deposit already paid. If we do cancel your booking due to unpaid overdue balances you will still be liable for payment of the full outstanding balance on the booking after the date on which all final payment is due, then we will if possible offer alternative holiday arrangements of a comparable standard (if available) or a refund of all monies paid by you in respect of the arrangements shown on our confirmation invoice but we will have no further liability to you. We have the right to cancel your entire booking if an overdue balance has not been paid to us by the due date. If your booking is cancelled due to an outstanding due payment you will still be liable for the outstanding payment/balance. We do not accept cancellations verbally, only in writing from the lead passenger.

11) Force Majeure

We cannot accept liability in any circumstances where performance and/or prompt performance of the contract is prevented by reason of war, threat of wars, riots, civil strife, terrorist activities, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disaster, fire or adverse weather conditions and global health warnings issued by the World Health Organisation (WHO).

12) Complaints

In the unlikely event that you have a complaint about any aspect of your holiday and in order that we have the opportunity to investigate any problems, any comments must be made in writing only to us within 28 days of your return to the UK. We cannot accept any complaints received outside this period.

Please write to Customer Relations, Lee's Travel Limited, Wing Yip, China House, Unit 2B, 401 Edgware Road, London NW2 6GY, quoting your booking reference and enclosing all necessary documents.

We cannot deal with any form of complaint verbally.

Please note if you have a complaint or a problem relating to your booking you must contact Lee's Travel Limited immediately, including whilst you are abroad and we will try to resolve the situation immediately. If you do not contact our office whilst abroad we will not be liable to compensate subject to circumstances. We cannot accept any form of verbal complaint once you have arrived back in the U.K.

13) Holiday Participation

We reserve the right to decline or accept or retain any person as a client if their conduct is disruptive and affecting the enjoyment of other passengers and we shall be under no liability for any extra costs incurred by such personas a result of our doing so. There are a number of other reasons for which you could be refused boarding or entry: If you arrive late for the specified check-in-time. We accept no responsibility should you be unable to board the aircraft for any reason. If you do not hold a valid passport and/or necessary visa's required for entry into or exit the country or origin or destination. If in the opinion of a person in authority you appear to be unfit to travel or likely to cause discomfort or disturbance to other passengers our responsibility for your holiday will immediately cease. We will not be responsible for any costs you may incur or make any refunds to you. It is the responsibility of the travelling persons to ensure that they have all the correct and relevant travel documents including airline tickets, hotel/car vouchers and a full valid passport with any necessary visa requirements to travel. It is the responsibility of the travelling persons to re-confirm any outbound and inbound flight schedules in case of flight changes and cancellations

14) Travel & Visa Documents, Baggage and Health Matters

Where travel, visa and health documents are necessary to comply with the requirements of any country to which the relevant holiday relates, then it will be your responsibility to arrange and produce them.

If you do not have a valid visa and/or a valid passport prior to you booking your travel arrangements, Lee's Travel Limited cannot be held responsible in the event of not having the relevant visa and passport documents (all travel documents including airline tickets are fully non refundable and non-transferable).

If for any reason costs, expenses or fines are imposed upon as a result of your failure to ensure that your travel documentation is in order then you shall be liable on demand to reimburse us such costs, expenses and fines.

Under the Terms of various international conventions whilst your personal effects and luggage are in the hands of your carrier (i.e. from the time of checking your baggage in on arrival at the airport to collection of same from the baggage carrousel) that company is liable for their safety. If, in that time your baggage is lost or damaged, then the carrier is under a duty to pay compensation.

It is the clients full responsibility to re-confirm their outbound and inbound flight itinerary, with the airline or/and the tour operator, at least 72 hours prior to departure. Failure to do so, may result in additional costs to the client. Lee's Travel Limited will not accept responsibility to re-confirm any outbound and inbound flight itinerary to the client. You should also consult the Department of Health leaflet T4 (formally SA40 and SA41), ("The Travellers Guide to Health") available from the Department of Health.

You should also check with your own doctor before your departure as to whether any inoculations are considered, advisable or necessary for your resort.

15) Compensation

Compensation payments do not apply to changes caused by reasons of war or threat of war, riots, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial disputes, natural and nuclear disasters, fire, technical problems to transport, closure or congestion of airports or ports, cancellation or charges or scheduled airlines and similar events beyond our control. Please note that there are limitations for compensation payments. In the event of resolving a situation/problem whilst you are abroad e.g. alternative accommodation, flight, resort etc. at no extra cost to you, we will not be liable to compensate any further.

Important Note

Any invoice issued will be on the basis of the company's terms and conditions. You shall be deemed to have accepted the company's conditions of booking.

Essential Travel Information

For the latest travel advice from the Foreign & Commonwealth Office including security and local laws, plus passport and visa information, check www.gov.uk/foreign-travel-advice